Weekly Blessing Circles

Please feel free to bring friends and family - all are welcome!  

The Thursday evening Oneness Blessing circle is held from 7:00 - 9:00pm at B'Nai Tikvah Temple at 900 - 47th Avenue S.W.  It's one block west of Elbow Drive, in Britannia. Please use the SW, glass admin. door which faces 47th Avenue. We are in the Chapel, which is to the right, on the main floor.  Google Map Link.  Please arrive BEFORE 7 pm so you have time to settle in.  Doors are locked at 7:05

** A reminder that all blessing givers can organize and run blessing circles, and are encouraged to do so. Not only does it generate sat karma (the good kind) as you are in service to the community, but it is an awesome and sometimes scary way to actually define your feelings and thoughts as you contemplate your experiences and thus, your truths. This greatly accelerates your process of growth and transformation.