Oneness Awakening Course

The Oneness Awakening Course is an amazing, transformative, two day journey into your true nature to see clearly how your inner world is reflected in all of your relationships and events in your outer world. Seeing ourselves with integrity allows us to begin to accept who we are which in turn initiates the healing of physical, psychological and spiritual suffering.

Through the various teachings and processes we will deeply connect to ourselves and our inherent divinity. The weekend will be guided by the Divine and empowered by Grace as we open our chakras, or energy centres, awaken our kundalini energy, or life force, and activate a shift from headspace to heartspace.

Individual effort can only carry us so far, so we will activate Divine Grace through the Oneness Blessing, or deeksha, to propel us to new levels of health, happiness and Consciousness. The weekend will culminate in the initiation of each participant as a Oneness Blessing Giver so you can carry this gift of Grace forward in your daily lives.