Oneness Meditation

The Oneness Meditation is a powerful transmission of Divine Energies that flows through the eyes of the Oneness Meditator. This very sacred Blessing helps to awaken the spiritual energies within and creates a neurobiological shift that naturally accelerates the Awakening process.

The Oneness Meditation was released in 2012 to assists with the planetary shift in consciousness. The Oneness Meditation is part of a global phenomenon that is helping to start a chain reaction to reach critical mass, the tipping point for mass awakening and setting all of humanity totally, and unconditionally free.

Oneness Meditation is not about any teaching, belief or philosophy. It is a secular transmission of Divine energies that is given in silence, which leads to an end of the feelings of separation and brings you and your community the experience of One Love, One Consciousness and Oneness with all that is.

No prior experience of Oneness events is required. To begin effortlessly experiencing the magic and beauty of life, there is nothing for you to do, except to receive. The Oneness Meditation is readily available through webcasts, and occasionally with live local events. To find a webcast, please click this link.