Mukthi Deeksha and 64 Deeksha Process

Mukthi Deeksha and 64 Deeksha Process - Sri Bhagavan has introduced a series of very special processes to move the Oneness Community into higher states of consciousness.

Mukthi Deeksha

Utilizing very ancient and sacred methods to deliver the actual Mukthi Deeksha, the complete Blessing for Mukthi (Liberation or Enlightenment), imparts Grace to initiate the process of permanent Awakening.

64 Deeksha Process

You may have heard Sri Bhagavan speak about special processes that He wanted groups of Deeksha Givers to undergo throughout the year of 2012. One of these processes is called The 64 Deeksha Process. Sri Bhagavan feels that the Oneness Community is now ready to begin this process, which will propel you into very high states of consciousness.

**This process is only offered to Deeksha Givers**