Sacred Chamber Process

The Sacred Chamber Process is the most recent development in the unfolding of the Oneness Phenomenon sweeping across the globe. The Divine has agreed to be present, in a tangible, palpable way, in these sacred Chambers located all over the world. This is a direct, personal experience of the Divine, irrespective of your religious or spiritual beliefs. Many who have experienced the Sacred Chambers have reported profound physical and emotional healings, as well as actual conversations with the Divine in physical form. This is an amazing opportunity to expand and deepen your connection with your Divine.

Please note that this experience is by appointment only and then, only on specific dates and times; it is open to anyone, regardless of religious or spiritual affiliations; and it is totally FREE.

Chamber 1 – Together as a group (maximum 8 people per group), there will be an introduction and overview of the process followed by meditations and contemplations in preparation;

Chamber 2 – One by one each person will enter the Second Chamber. This chamber is for healing emotional, spiritual and physical challenges; releasing karma; and instilling wealth consciousness;

Chamber 3 - After some time to integrate the Chamber 2 experience, each person will enter Chamber 3, one by one. Chamber 3 is for experiencing and connecting your Divine; sharing all your hopes and dreams, and your troubles and sorrows. In this Chamber you may experience awakening, God realization and other openings in your Consciousness.

Sacred Chambers across North America and around the world.